Goddess of Wisdom


According to the legend, Zeus impregnated Metis, Titaness of prudence and wisdom who was his first wife and her mother. Before this event, he received a prophecy that foretold the future. It said that Metis would bear two powerful children: a very wise daughter and a son that would eventually overthrow Zeus, much like the event of Kronos and Zeus. Before either of these could happen, Zeus tricked Metis into turning into a fly, and digested her. Days later, Zeus had a terrible headache. He asked Hephaestus to split his head open with an axe, but of course was not harmed, because of his immortality.

After this took place out popped an adult Athena, in full battle armor. She quickly became Zeus’ favorite daughter. In Greek mythology, she was one of the most active goddesses. She assisted Odysseus in his journey home from the Trojan War in the Oddessey and made sure the Greeks won the Trojan War in the Illiad. She also helped heroes like Diomedes, Hercules, Jason, and Perseus.

Like Artemis and Hestia, she is one of the virgin goddesses, although she has demigod children, they are born from thought (brain children, just like herself), which she says is the purest kind of love. It is unknown if any other god can give birth to children in a similar way.

Athena is a very disciplined, quick thinking and wise woman. She is very brilliant and always takes precautions before acting. She loves all of her demigod children, and seems to be a caring mother. She is the only known god who claims her children at birth. She is shown to have blessed both Daedelus and his young nephew Perdix. She later punishes Daedelus for killing Perdix by branding him with a partridge.

Athena is also usually kind to other demigods. She often aids heroes on their quests. Athena is somewhat cold and calculating at times. Athena is also known for never giving up, and crossing her is a mistake. When Paris picked Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess instead of her, Athena took the side of the Greeks in the Trojan War and used every power within her to bring him down.

Athena is seen as a strict and proud Goddess.

Athena has long hair and intense grey eyes. As she is a goddess, she can turn to any form she would like so she will not always look the same. She is said to be beautiful and lean. She wears an elegant white dress. In some myths she is said to be able to turn into a white owl. It is interesting to note Athena is shown with both black and blonde hair. In the original Greek myths, she has “golden hair” as do all the other gods. Her demigod children, however, all have blonde hair.

As the goddess of wisdom and war, she is an expert in all forms and weapons of warfare and has all the skills of Metis. She is a more skilled tactician than Ares and prefers thinking to fighting, and uses violence only as a last resort. As the goddess of wisdom she is presumably an expert in many if not all areas of knowledge and is the chief adviser of Zeus.

As Zeus’ most trusted goddess on Olympus, she is the only one besides himself allowed to wield the Aegis, (aside from children of Zeus) a powerful defensive item that causes its enemies to flee in fear and terror and is the only item that can supposedly survive Zeus’s thunderbolts. Also, she is the only goddess whom Zeus entrusts his lightning bolt to (sometimes).

Athena’s children, having their mother being the Goddess of Wisdom, are very smart, wise and are good in researching many things. Most of her children, show great fondness in her area, such as Wisdom and Crafts.


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