Daniel Woodstock

Daniel is a young, rough, and very untrusting young man that grew up on the streets of New York.


High Concept: Kelptomatic Son of Hermes

Trouble Aspect: Trust is for fools.

1. Where did that come from?!      3. The old one, two
2. Get to the border                            4. Sneaky Hands
                                     5. Asking for Trouble
+4 Fists Burglary
+3 Endurance Investigation
+2 Alertness Athletics Stealth
+1 Contacts Driving Presence Resources Survival
Stunts and Powers
Fancy FootworkUse fists skill instead of athletics to dodge in any situation where the athletics skill would be used to dodge an attack.
Lethal WeaponsFists now count as a weapon: 2 vs unarmored opponents. Against Armored opponents fists are a weapon: 1.
Inhuman Speed+1 Athletics. +1 to dodge when using Athletics. Free supplemental move action. +4 on alertness checks for initiative.

Daniel Woodstock

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