Rachel Dare

The Oracle of Delphi


The Oracle’s spirit once resided within young maidens, imbuing them with the ability to foretell the future. The powers could only be bestowed upon mortals with true sight, also known as the ability to see through the Mist. The spirit should have passed to another after the death of the previous Oracle, but the last mortal to host the Oracle’s spirit was cursed by Hades after the Great Prophecy was recited, as it had led to the death of Maria di Angelo, mother of Bianca and Nico di Angelo. Hades cursed the Oracle to never be able to move to another human host, not even when the old host died, until the children of Hades and himself, were accepted by the gods and Camp Half-Blood. Hades had hoped that the Oracle’s spirit would vanish as the host would crumble to dust and eventually nothing.

May Castellan, mother of Luke, tried to be the new host, without knowing of the curse. Trying to channel the power of the Oracle under Hades’ curse shattered her mind, causing Luke to run away from home and live on the streets. She continued to have broken visions of her son’s impending doom long after the incident.

After the events of the second war with the Titans, Hades reconciled with his family and lifted the curse, allowing the next Oracle to be chosen at last. The spirit was then passed to Rachel. The new home for the Oracle of Delphi is in a cave on the side of a hill that Apollo created.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare is born of two mortal parents and is thus completely mortal, unlike other campers. However, what sets her apart from normal mortals is that she has the ability to see through the Mist, an ability thus far known only to be shared by Ariadne, Sally Jackson, Frederick Chase, May Castellan, Maria di Angelo, and a few small children (who aren’t taken seriously by adults). Because of this, she can see through any non-mortal disguise and mist shrouded locations, such as the Labyrinth, and was not affected by Morpheus’ spell in the war.

Rachel is very artistic, intelligent, and kind. She enjoys volunteering for charity events to help schools in the area keep their art programs open. She is also very open minded, being able to accept that demigods and monsters do exist, which lead her to accept the role as the Oracle of Delphi. Rachel wears over-large shirts, doodles on her jeans, and seems to poke holes in them when she is bored. She is a tall, slim girl with frizzy red hair, freckles, and green eyes.

She doesn’t like to accept help from her father or anyone else. She strongly disagrees with the job her father does (finding pieces of the wild and developing them) and because of that, refuses to ask her father for money or use his influence, unless she has no other choice. She feels personally responsible for the death of Pan due to her father’s work.

Rachel Dare

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